Master Mindset Life Coach, Shanesha Scott

I was once the victim that became the VICTOR!  People see the glory, but oftentimes do not know the story.  At first glance many may think that I have had a perfect life, however behind my smile is a woman that had experienced a dysfunctional and traumatic childhood. The trauma and dysfunction that I experienced in my childhood eventually led me into mentally and physically abusive relationships. Those relationships ended, which led me into single Motherhood- oftentimes struggling to make ends meet. I was ready for a change.  I was mentally and emotionally drained and I wanted better for me and my two little girls. We deserved better and I didn't want my children to experience the dysfunction I had experienced as a child.  Fortunately, through self-reflection and accountability, I was triumphant in making positive changes in my life.  Fast-forward 10 years later I am proud to say that I am happily married with four beautiful daughters.  I became a successful business owner and through the power of prayer and putting in the work, I have been able to live out my dreams as a model, makeup artist, and radio host.  It has truly been a beautiful metamorphosis and I am forever grateful. We all have a story to tell. How we react and adapt to life's many changes and challenges will ultimately shape our life. 

I have always known that the true calling on my life was to help people. From as far back as I can remember people have always felt comfortable talking to me and asking me for advice. I was first able to truly use my gifts as a Makeup Artist for the last 10 years.  During the makeup sessions I listened to all the testimonies, trials, and tribulations from all the beautiful women I serviced. I offered advice when I was asked to do so, and oftentimes I was able to be just an ear to listen. These experiences unknowingly jump-started me on this path. In 2017 life unfortunately took a turn for the worse after tragically losing my beloved Nephew Khalil.  I did not have the passion to do makeup anymore no matter how hard I tried.  During this time I was able to do some much needed soul-searching. I finally decided that I should go back to school to get my certification as a Life Coach in 2020.  I am now proud to say that with the knowledge that I have gained as well as my personal life experiences I can aid you in your journey to become the ultimate and complete YOU.  I will help you remove any obstacles that may be interfering with your potential and your growth. You cannot fill from an empty cup.  There is much more to your purpose in life and you deserve to live your best life. Each session with me we will discover and unpack new layers of yourself that will reconnect you to that self-love and belonging that you have been yearning for.  Oftentimes the toxic traits that we develop are due to the people and environments that we surround ourselves with. This keeps us stagnant and blocks our full potential. Your time is NOW!  Life is too short to be unhappy, unsure, and unfulfilled. This journey will be about self-mastery and exploration.  Exploration of your mind, body, and soul. I will be more than honored to take part in birthing the new you.

YOU will break up with the past!  YOU will live in the present! YOU will become the Beauty 4RM Ashes!



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