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Emotional Baggage

So, there is some baggage that I would never like to see or feel again. Is this the latest designer baggage? I wish it were. Unfortunately, the answer is No. This baggage is not fancy, and it does not look or feel good in our hands. This baggage is called Emotional Baggage. Emotional baggage- that pesky two-word phrase that has gained popularity in recent years via social media memes or a Facebook post. Let’s face it- we all have had to carry some emotional baggage at some point in our lives.

The joys of being human. No matter how hard we may try to forget and move on, inevitably we will store our memories (good or bad) in the remotest part of our brains. The bad times oftentimes rears its ugly face into the fore-front of our minds at the most random moments. We have them in our vast database of recollections. Sometimes they can feel so present and near and dear to the heart it may cause us to tear up thinking about it. Or at the exact opposite end of the spectrum sometimes we may feel anger, resentment, or may also exhibit anti-social or antagonistic behaviors. This emotional baggage haunts us in our dreams and waking hours. It shows up when we are in the randomness places- unexpected and often intimidating. Uncontrollable anger sometimes may pursue. This can lead to rage and violence. People may explode without warning- over the most minute things. Oh-the weight of that Emotional baggage.

On the opposite end of the spectrum others will live in denial and may spend their lives disconnected with the real world. They revert into a cocoon and become introverts or recluses. I myself became an introvert and somewhat of a recluse due to my emotional baggage. Baggage from a traumatic childhood. Baggage from abusive relationships, lies and deceit from loved ones. Broken dreams, failed careers, poverty, and addictions. Yeah- that can make the strongest of people withdraw from the world. That strong person is me. I was always a shy person but became more introverted as I got older- as the world failed me. Oh-the weight of that Emotional Baggage.

I hope you all did not think I would forget this last sector of people. The people that will inevitably place blame in everyone except themselves; it is always the other person’s fault. These people often remain stagnant and never progress in their lives. Yes, it may be the other person’s fault, but at what point do we release the emotional baggage? It’s already negatively impacting you and your growth or your relationships. Yes it hurts, but it’s time for your healing. Oh-the weight of that Emotional Baggage.

To be human is to err. Some are lost searching for something. Searching for the love, loyalty, and stability that they may have never had the pleasure of having. Something that was always missing and something that they yearn for. The next time you are out in public, at your job or a restaurant look at the lonely faces in line. Every day we see a vast sea of sad, depressed, or unfriendly faces. Have the empathy and compassion and ask the question why? Why do they act like that? Why do they always look mad or sad? What happened to them? Oh- the weight of that Emotional Baggage.

Starting today we are making a vow to ourselves. We are taking back our lives! We are free! We are at peace! I release that Emotional Baggage.



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