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The Power of Choices

Choices. This is the one area in life that we all have the power to make for ourselves. Maybe not so much in childhood (depending on the situation) but even then, our parents should have taught us to think for ourselves. Or even as it applies to schoolwork. If you study for the test you are more likely to make a good grade. That is a choice. Choices can either work in your favor or sometimes not. Every goal, accomplishment, or failure ultimately comes from a choice you’ve made. Your destiny lies within the choices you make. You will gain true knowledge, understanding, and freedom when you embrace your choices. One of the most coincidental things about choices is even when there is no action on your part (no choice) there will still be an outcome- that will boil down to your (non) choice.

Let’s touch on people who will justify their situations and circumstances by using these infamous scapegoats: “I have no choice" or "there is nothing I can do" etc. Remember (especially when you’re a grown-up) you can "choose" to allow the outer world to affect how you see your situation; however, there is never a situation in which you do not have the power to choose. With each choice, there is either a win or a consequence. So, it is not that you do not have a choice- it’s more like you are only choosing which energetic price you choose to pay.

Then there are those people that will remain quiet and just let the chips fall where they may be. This is a slippery slope though. I think some do this because they will have it to fall back on. If things do not work out, then they can blame the other guy (or situation). For the people with this mindset, I often ask myself “Where’s the power in letting other people make your choices?” Then I have to stop and be judgment-free. I ask myself: "What was their childhood like?" How we act in adulthood often mirrors how we were raised and our environment as children. The cycle repeats itself if we do not eventually recognize it and try to get some help (or at least start doing internal work on yourself). It may be self-esteem issues. Maybe people are not confident in their choices, so they let others make it for them. Me personally- I never willingly give up my choices. I am non-confrontational by nature. Oftentimes that leads people to think I am passive. That I have no voice. However, if I know it will have a major impact on me or others, I stand my ground. I always want to have a say-so in my life’s path. I never want to have any regrets. I don't want people to have power over my destiny. It is only fair. And yes- I may mess up along the way, but I will have the comfort in saying it was my choice and my own decision. I will learn from any mistakes made in the interim.

Lastly, As children and teenagers may fall under peer pressure. Our friends may strongly influence our choices. But what about as adults? Are you still letting your friends influence you? Some may come from families that have traditions that they must follow. Does this technically mean they have no choice? I will tread lightly on this subject because traditions and religious beliefs often fall into a different category, but I thought it would be nice to mention it in this blog.

As I wrap this up,


Choices are what YOU choose to do:

· I choose to embrace good health so I will nourish my body and eat healthy foods and exercise.

· I choose to be optimistic. The glass IS half full.

· I choose to allow prosperity to flow into my life.

See- now that was easy right? Choose you! The Choice is YOURS!



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