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Trust YOUR Gut

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Have you ever wanted to do something, but let other people's opinions sway your decision? Or have you ever not went with that internal voice in your head (a.k.a your intuition)? Oftentimes we let the noise of the outside world interfere with our own hopes and dreams. We sometimes let our family, friends, and everyone in between talk us out of our visions because quite frankly they are too scared to go after their own. The most minute ideas and decisions you make many times will impact your life the most. I will use myself as an example. One day about 9 years ago I decided I didn't want to live in my hometown anymore. I was ready for a change. Within three months of that decision I moved my two daughters, mom, and myself to Texas. Less than a year later I met my soon to be husband and we got married a year after that and had two more daughters. I also started pursuing other dreams I've always wanted to do. I started modeling, started my own business and became a makeup artist, and also dabbled in acting. All of this happened within a 3 year period. I'm saying all that to say if I would have listened to other people I would have never moved to Texas. The rest is history. Remember the first step in doing anything in life is taking that first initial step. Whether you succeed or fail, at least you will have the peace in knowing that you tried. The age old saying is nothing to fear, but fear itself. Take care.



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